3rd time 'round!

clublime - Underbelly EP
5 tracks, total running time 16:36
recorded November 2012 for Hometaping 4

1 - Not Much to Give
3:05 - pop - 80 BPM

My first love was a childish one.
A bunch of kids only having fun.
I passed a note during class.
I got rejected.

My second love was a foolish thing.
Started of during spring.
And by summer I messed it up.
I got distracted.

Love's a word I know well.
Stories to tell.
I am sure you'll relate to them.

Who picks me up when I'm down.
You are allways around.
Even when you've not much to give.

Me and my girl got something real.
Oh, it's something that we can feel.
A bunch of kids only having fun.

2 - London
Electronica/Dance - 4:53 - 127 BPM

International, lovely, crowded, awesome. London.

3 - Old Whore
Folk - 2:10 - 122 BPM

At sea we made money,
then we came a'shore,
to find us a pub,
and to find us a whore.

Well a whore we did find,
And although she was old,
beer made her look younger,
or so we were told.

Her skin was like leather,
her eyes were so cold,
her hair wasn't there,
she was pretty much bald.

But we weren't too picky,
after five years at sea,
she was more then a woman,
a woman to me.

When we woke the next morning,
she ran out of luck.
Her body was cold,
Was hard as a rock.

She died while giving,
all she'd ever be.
One night of pleasure,
for my friends and me.

4 - Cinematic Bluff
Soundtrack - 3:17 - 100 BPM
Guitar by Florian Mientjes, @sedarko on twitter

5 - So much Drama
Ska - 3:16 - 130 BPM
Backing vocals by Sarah and Ginn Korngold, finger snaps by Ivar van den Broek

Let me tell you what I got,

I've got the sky,
I've got the earth below my feet.
I've got my voice,
got my guitar,
got my beat.

I've got pretty much
everything I need.
I've got it all.

But lately the sky isn't
as blue as it should be.
My voice is raspy.

There's something missing in my life.
I'm pretty sure something's wrong.

Where is my baby?
My pretty lady.

Where is my baby?
Where could she be.
She could be anywhere,
'cause she isn't here with me.

I've been searching here,
been searching high and low.
Where my baby?
I don't know.

If I were Snoop D O DOUBLE you G,
there'd be so much drama in the LBC, ah.

I'd be out popping G's fo-fo-fun,

Never lived out on the street but,

I'd be shooting them
anyway 'cause ah,
my baby went away oh.

Where is my baby?
My pretty lady.

Where is my baby?
Where could she be.
She could be anywhere,
'cause she isn't here with...
oh SNAP!

Here I am.

There you are,
I've been lovin' you from afar.

I'm glad you're no longer gone.

I'm back on my feet.
I got everything I need.

I'll never have to be alone.

(c)2012 clublime - all rights reserved

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  • Not Much to Give
  • London
  • Old Whore
  • Cinematic Bluff
  • So much Drama