Anyone can make music. Record yours in November 2012.

People think that only the talented or the beautiful should be able to make music. This is bullshit. Making music is something everybody can enjoy. And everybody has something worth making a noise about.

'Hometaping' is an annual effort to help as many people as possible to record an album of their own music in one month. It is a celebration of what happens when they do.

So if you can't sing but do anyway, you are Hometaping. If you're crap at the guitar but it makes you happy, you are Hometaping. If you're convinced your songs are intricate masterpieces, you are Hometaping. When you fearlessly press record, you are Hometaping.

Join us!

All you need do to take part is sign up to the website and create a name. And then make some music. You have 30 days to make your album, which ideally should be at least 20 minutes long. Hometaping begins Thursday 1st November 2012 and ends at midnight on Friday 30th November. There is no judging. There is no competition. There are no other rules. You don't have to make it better than anyone else's. You just have to make it.

When you're done, you can upload your music to this website. We'll be here to help you through it and as ever we'll sort out a party to celebrate the thing when it's done.

This is Hometaping's fourth year. It's helped people to record music who otherwise would never have considered it. It's helped people to record songs they've been sitting on for ages and it's given people a chance to try out sounds they would never have considered. Hopefully it will find a way to help you too.

Hometaping 4: Press record!